The Nickel Bob is in the books folks! Huge thank yous to everyone who came out. The day was glorious, a cool 90 degrees with unfettered sunshine. Double overhead closeouts made for some fun womping from sunrise to sunset. We had one of our strongest turnouts yet from the mini-BoMos, serving notice that a fuerte generation of future MoBros and MoSistas is growing up healthy and happy. Kiran Lesser was a particular standout for his expert demonstration of where one can find their testicles (spoiler alert, they’re under your penis – just lift it up, you’ll see them). At two years old, he’s already initiating the conversations that will save men’s lives! The 4-man coed volley tournament featured some of the most balanced and intense competition we’ve seen with Team Salty Stache reclaiming their title as champions of the Tom Selleck division. And while a beach day is subject to the many variables of wind, swell, sunshine and rain, we’ve got the after party on lock. Avid Dancer, The Splendido Allstars, and DJ WALRUS anchored a stellar evening of dance fiesta that brought so much heat, we ACTUALLY LIT THE VENUE ON FIRE!
More to come as we wend our way through an epic October towards the November 1st “Shave the Date” when the official moustache growing season kicks into high gear.
Until then, muchísimos abrazos y bigotes a todos!
Max & The Dr. Bob Open


The Dr. Bob after party will be at The Victorian on Main Street in Santa Monica.
NOTE: we will have the venue to ourselves from 8-10 pm.

After that, it’s open to the public and you could get stuck in a nasty line. So get there before 10 pm.
We’ll have sets by the Splendido Allstars, Avid Dancer, and DJ Walrus.

So if you’re a late-night philanthropist, a mustachioed vampire of sorts, it’s cool to shun the sun, but it’s not cool to miss the party.

Just ask Blade.


Apollo Creed

Team BoMo,

Saturday has not yet arrived and already we’ve raised more funds than the entire nation of Ireland!

In fact, as a single team, we’ve doubled the nation of France and edged out all of the Scandinavian countries COMBINED…!

Is it a competition? No. But is it nice to win? Yep.

Let’s keep it up – and remember, a candid conversation about prostates, testicles, and mental health is worth it’s weight in gold. But wait, how do you weigh a conversation? Exactly – it’s priceless!

Como siempre:


– Max

We are live people. The 5th Annual Dr. Bob Open is THIS Saturday, October 4, 2014. Join us as we raise awareness and funds for prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health.

Go to our eventbrite page to enter your team or donate directly to the cause at our Movember Team Page.

Trouble with the links? Cut and paste these:



Register on the Eventbrite page if:

– You want to enter the tourney

– You want priority entrance to the after-party

– You want first dibs on sweet Dr. Bob Open swag

– You are otherwise rad

Go straight to the Movember donation page if:

– You don’t think you’ll make it to this year’s Dr. Bob Open but still want to support our men’s health campaign

– You’re so swaggy that you have no room for more swag and want all of your donation to go straight to Movember

– You are otherwise rad


– Sloves & The Team

Rocky III BeachEvery Dr. Bob Open needs a good theme song. And the Nickel Bob is no different.

So, what’s it gonna be? Which montage theme song best represents The 2014 Dr. Bob Open?

Is it Sylvester and Carl sprinting on the beach to Bill Conti’s “Gonna Fly Now“? 

Is it Daniel LaRusso battling Cobra Kai to Joe Eposito’s “You’re the Best“?

…or is it Maverick and Goose rolling in the sand with Val Kilmer and Rick Rossovich while a bearded Kenny Loggins sings “Playing with the Boys“…?

Only you can decide my friends. So look deep into your heart and cast the vote …the vote that feels right.

Goose MavCobra kai 3SliderKarate Kid Crane