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Rocky III BeachEvery Dr. Bob Open needs a good theme song. And the Nickel Bob is no different.

So, what’s it gonna be? Which montage theme song best represents The 2014 Dr. Bob Open?

Is it Sylvester and Carl sprinting on the beach to Bill Conti’s “Gonna Fly Now“? 

Is it Daniel LaRusso battling Cobra Kai to Joe Eposito’s “You’re the Best“?

…or is it Maverick and Goose rolling in the sand with Val Kilmer and Rick Rossovich while a bearded Kenny Loggins sings “Playing with the Boys“…?

Only you can decide my friends. So look deep into your heart and cast the vote …the vote that feels right.

Goose MavCobra kai 3SliderKarate Kid Crane

This one was tough. After all, a montage without Mr. Miyagi or Apollo Creed isn’t really a montage now, is it. So what direction do we go in? Bros helping bros a la Kevin Bacon and Chris Penn in Footloose?


Young duderinos and duderinas finding common ground in The Breakfast Club?Breakfast Club 1

Goose Mav 3Or …wingman helping wingman… two men, one a volatile young Turk, the other a moustachioed maestro of moderation, brought together as the yin and yang of a coherent and steady whole for which cold war Russia and Kelly McGillis had no answer. As you can imagine we had to go with Top Gun and the sweaty montage man-wich set to Kenny Loggins “Playing with the Boys”. Below we offer up not only the film version but also the official video which features an epic 6-way chest bump at the 1:00 minute mark as well as the most righteous display of dolphin shorts I’ve seen since Richard Simmons mud-wrestled Kristy McNichol back in ’84.

So the Battle of the Montage is officially Loggins (Top Gun) vs. Esposito (Karate Kid) vs. Conti (Rocky III disco version). We’ll open the polls for your votes tomorrow!

Pat MoritaDanny LaRusso was just a kid from Jersey trying to make his way in the rough and tumble world of high school soccer on the mean streets of the San Gabriel Valley in 1984. Odds are high that Daniel never would have made it out of Reseda alive were it not for the guidance and mentorship of his moustachioed sensei, one Mr. Keisuke Miyagi. Part of the beauty in the teacher-student relationship between Mr. Miyagi and Daniel-san is that Danny wasn’t quick to recognize the value of Mr. Miyagi’s wisdom. That is a crucial component of the Movember movement. To uncover the wealth of knowledge that is right in front of us and to appreciate the many mentors and teachers that surround us in our daily life, i.e., to find the treasure beneath the stache. Because once we can tap into that knowledge, we gain power and once we gain that power, there is little that can stop us from becoming

…the best…


….such that nothing’s ever gonna keep us down.

The best.

In the following video, take note that the awesome guardians of knowledge – Mr. Miyagi, the referees – they all have righteous mo’s. Their stache is strong. They represent good.

john kreese

But also notice who does NOT have a moustache.

The evil John Kreese.

Why? Because he’s a dick.

Finally because this song is so inspirational, we’ve included the lyrics below. Hai!

Try to be best
Because you’re only a man
And a man’s got to learn to take it

Try to believe
Though the going gets rough
That you got to hang tough to make it

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Apollo Creed and RockyLast year’s competition for the official Dr. Bob theme song was so successful that we’ve decided to do it again, only this year we’re changing things up a little. Last year’s contestants were three videos representing the genre of moustachioed early 80s funk pop. The competition was fierce with entries from DeBarge, Cameo, and Earth Wind & Fire.

This year we’re focusing more on the intersection of music with healthy living. Hence the 2013 theme song – to be announced and performed live by the Splendido Allstars at the Dr. Bob afterparty – will be chosen from among the best training montages in cinema history.

And Challenger #1 is…..? Bill Conti’s “Gonna Fly Now” from ROCKY III.

Did Rocky have a moustache? No. But who did…? That’s right, Apollo Freaking Creed!  One thing Movember teaches us is the importance of our friends and mentors in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and in coping with the challenges of any illness. And without the wisdom and guidance of Apollo Creed and his righteous facial hair, Rocky Balboa would have been little more than Clubber Lang’s lunch meat.

And just because it is one of our favorite moments ever in the Rocky franchise, we’re adding the version from Rocky II where he gets chased by a horde of little Philly hood rats.

Like the wing of our moustache, we will fly!

With help from Morten Sorensen of Kur Organic Superfoods, the 2013 Dr. Bob Open is proud to unveil this year’s commemorative t-shirt design. Because this is what we do.

“High Fives & Saving Lives”

The Dr. Bob Open

– Be healthy my friends

Dr Bob 2013 - Hi Res Morton