Mentors & Inspiration – The 2013 Dr. Bob Theme Song

Apollo Creed and RockyLast year’s competition for the official Dr. Bob theme song was so successful that we’ve decided to do it again, only this year we’re changing things up a little. Last year’s contestants were three videos representing the genre of moustachioed early 80s funk pop. The competition was fierce with entries from DeBarge, Cameo, and Earth Wind & Fire.

This year we’re focusing more on the intersection of music with healthy living. Hence the 2013 theme song – to be announced and performed live by the Splendido Allstars at the Dr. Bob afterparty – will be chosen from among the best training montages in cinema history.

And Challenger #1 is…..? Bill Conti’s “Gonna Fly Now” from ROCKY III.

Did Rocky have a moustache? No. But who did…? That’s right, Apollo Freaking Creed!  One thing Movember teaches us is the importance of our friends and mentors in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and in coping with the challenges of any illness. And without the wisdom and guidance of Apollo Creed and his righteous facial hair, Rocky Balboa would have been little more than Clubber Lang’s lunch meat.

And just because it is one of our favorite moments ever in the Rocky franchise, we’re adding the version from Rocky II where he gets chased by a horde of little Philly hood rats.

Like the wing of our moustache, we will fly!


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