Challenger #2 for the 2013 Theme Song: Joe Esposito / Karate Kid “You’re the Best”

Pat MoritaDanny LaRusso was just a kid from Jersey trying to make his way in the rough and tumble world of high school soccer on the mean streets of the San Gabriel Valley in 1984. Odds are high that Daniel never would have made it out of Reseda alive were it not for the guidance and mentorship of his moustachioed sensei, one Mr. Keisuke Miyagi. Part of the beauty in the teacher-student relationship between Mr. Miyagi and Daniel-san is that Danny wasn’t quick to recognize the value of Mr. Miyagi’s wisdom. That is a crucial component of the Movember movement. To uncover the wealth of knowledge that is right in front of us and to appreciate the many mentors and teachers that surround us in our daily life, i.e., to find the treasure beneath the stache. Because once we can tap into that knowledge, we gain power and once we gain that power, there is little that can stop us from becoming

…the best…


….such that nothing’s ever gonna keep us down.

The best.

In the following video, take note that the awesome guardians of knowledge – Mr. Miyagi, the referees – they all have righteous mo’s. Their stache is strong. They represent good.

john kreese

But also notice who does NOT have a moustache.

The evil John Kreese.

Why? Because he’s a dick.

Finally because this song is so inspirational, we’ve included the lyrics below. Hai!

Try to be best
Because you’re only a man
And a man’s got to learn to take it

Try to believe
Though the going gets rough
That you got to hang tough to make it

History repeats itself
Try and you’ll succeed

Never doubt that you’re the one
And you can have your dreams!


You’re the best around!
Nothing’s going to ever keep you down
You’re the best around!
Nothing’s going to ever keep you down
You’re the best around!
Nothing’s going to ever keep you down

Fight until the end
Because your life will depend
On the strength that you have inside you

Ah, you got to be proud
Staring out in the clouds
When the odds in the game defy you

Try your best to win them all
And one day time will tell
When you’re the one that’s standing there
You’ll reach the final bell!

[Chorus x2]

Fight until you drop
Never stop
Can’t give up
Until you reach the top (FIGHT!)
You’re the best in town (FIGHT!)
Listen to that sound
A little bit of all you got
Can never bring you down

You’re the best around!
Nothing’s going to ever keep you down
You’re the best around!

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