Challenger #3 for the 2013 Theme Song: …?

This one was tough. After all, a montage without Mr. Miyagi or Apollo Creed isn’t really a montage now, is it. So what direction do we go in? Bros helping bros a la Kevin Bacon and Chris Penn in Footloose?


Young duderinos and duderinas finding common ground in The Breakfast Club?Breakfast Club 1

Goose Mav 3Or …wingman helping wingman… two men, one a volatile young Turk, the other a moustachioed maestro of moderation, brought together as the yin and yang of a coherent and steady whole for which cold war Russia and Kelly McGillis had no answer. As you can imagine we had to go with Top Gun and the sweaty montage man-wich set to Kenny Loggins “Playing with the Boys”. Below we offer up not only the film version but also the official video which features an epic 6-way chest bump at the 1:00 minute mark as well as the most righteous display of dolphin shorts I’ve seen since Richard Simmons mud-wrestled Kristy McNichol back in ’84.

So the Battle of the Montage is officially Loggins (Top Gun) vs. Esposito (Karate Kid) vs. Conti (Rocky III disco version). We’ll open the polls for your votes tomorrow!


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