Tucker Bomo 2011The Dr. Bob
is privileged and honored to lend its support for a fifth straight year to the amazing men and women and the unparalleled sartorial style of Movember USA’s Los Angeles Community. Grow a moustache for men’s health. It’s that simple. For more, we’ll just let the lads at Movember speak for themselves: us.movember.com/about

Special thanks and huge bigote-brushed abrazos to the scions of Movember’s LA Community who brought us into the fold of their noble efforts and offered up their stache, sweat, and tears to help make the The Dr. Bob Movember Open the successful event that it is. MoBros: Godfather emeritus – Ben “Bubba” Nicholson, Consiglieres – Brian “Jonesy” Jones and Shaun “Mo Betta” Tucker, Archdukes of Awesome – Andy “Manimal” Leonetti and JJ “Doble Jota” Owen, and MoMistress Chammy “The Chammer” Chan.

Molte grazie fratelli!


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