The stache-tastic Dr. Robert Benjamin Sloves Ob/Gyn.

Dr. Robert “Bob” Benjamin Sloves (1934-2006) was an Obstetrician and Gynecologist who practiced medicine in Southern California for almost four decades. If you were born in the South Bay from the late 60′s to the early 00′s, odds are high that this man’s iconic moustache was one of the first things your newborn eyes witnessed as they entered the world. A champion of women’s health and women’s rights, Dr. Bob and his warm smile were a fixture of South Bay “life” in both its literal and metaphoric sense. Yet the later years of the good doctor’s own life were plagued by a combination of maladies: prostate cancer, carcinoma, and melanoma.

While treatments for these cancers have improved tremendously in the last several years, nothing is more critical to survival than prevention and early detection. That’s why Movember is so important and why we decided to link the memory of Dr. Bob to our support for this charity. Movember doesn’t just raise funds for research, it creates an entire community of people that are raising awareness, educating each other, talking about cancer, sharing their experience, and learning how to prevent and detect these diseases at their earliest stages. It’s this dialogue and awareness that saves lives as much as anything else. Because how much easier is it to get a prostate exam when all your friends, family, and colleagues are talking about it? No one wants to dance with Dr. Jellyfinger, but it’s a helluva lot easier to face the music when people you love and respect are openly discussing the importance of regular exams. And who are the people most likely to first see a suspicious mole on your body? It’s going to be the guys you surf with, the other dudes in the locker room, and the women (or men) you shower with and lay down next to each night. In fact, one of the things we love most about Movember is the importance of the “Mo Sistas” – the women of Movember who are critical to the success of the campaign. Movember is about getting men to be comfortable discussing their health with other men but it’s also about getting men to be comfortable discussing their health with women. So there’s something poetic about celebrating the life of a man committed to women’s health by supporting an organization that owes so much to its Mo Sistas.

In sum, the iconic imagery of the moustache and the mission to spread awareness about cancer prevention, treatment, and research make our commitment to honoring the life and work of Dr. Bob and our support for Movember a bromance foretold. It simply had to happen …and thank the big stache in the sky that it did. The family and friends of Dr. Bob are grateful beyond words for the love we’ve received from the Movember community and we’re both privileged and honored to support the 2014 campaign.

On behalf of the Sloves Family and Team Dr. Bob, we thank you all for your support of this most righteous cause and we’ll see you October 4th at this year’s Dr. Bob Open.


– Max Sloves, Co-chair of the 2014 Dr. Bob Movember Open

Next to every good Mo Bro is a stellar Mo Sista. And vice versa. Peggy and Bob Sloves.

A Mo Sista in the making. Sara and Bob.

El SAM-brero learning the finer points of sartorial splendor from Dr. Bob

This is such a classy photo of Peggy and Bob. And then you notice the dude in the back. Touring glaciers in super-tight nutters. A little creepy, and yet still a little awesome. That’s life.

Dr. Bob in his milieu — bringing little Mo Bros and Mo Sistas into this world.


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