Dr. Bob 2011

One in a series profiling “Friends of the dr. Bob Movember open” (FoBoMo’s).

–Support those who support us–

When contemplating the touchstone for the type of people we wanted to bring into the fold of the BoMo, we placed a premium on those who went beyond the limited expectations of their industry.

What intrigues us are those who successfully temper the pragmatic need to indulge our materialism and consumerism with more altruistic aspirations toward civic and social responsibility, an ecological ethic, and efforts to leverage their skills in the realm of the aesthetic to effect change in the politics of our cultural values. Those people – individual and corporate – who are doing their part, however big or small, to subvert the space in which we operate. Or more simply put, those who strive to…

…UnFuck our world.

Insight’s “untitled” campaign is a case study in the artful blend of physical / audible / visual that renders the product secondary to the surfer / skater / artist / musician / message / question / cause… and that’s why we were stoked to get them involved with the 2011 BoMo.

Oh… and Jared Mell doesn’t suck.

Of course, there’s nothing totally novel about fashion swinging its middle finger like a fistful of pipe wrench at the establishment. But Insight demonstrates a natural comfort when allowing the art or the artist to occupy the lion’s share of the lens.

Rasta don't work for no CIA. But if it's a DOUBLE rainbow... All. Bets. Are. Off.

And Otis Carey doesn’t suck either…


Standing tall.

United for Dr. Bob. United for Movember.

Just 2 MoBros, a net, a flag, the open sky, and an ambiguously platonic man-hug. That’s brotherhood.

That, my friends… is poetry.

3 MoBros and a Lady: Big Wave Dave, “Dr. Wilbur“, Tucker, Tucker’s Impressively Pasty Man-Thighs, and a Jen who looks like she belongs at the beach — come on Jen, move west already!

Channeling the bocce, feeling the balls.

3 MoSistas. Their identity will remain confidential.

Why? Because I don’t know their names. And because they’re not wearing their stache. But mostly because I don’t know their names.

There’s a dude there also.

One in a series profiling “Friends of the dr. Bob Movember open” (FoBoMo’s).

–Support those who support us–

Some MoBros are so naturally in harmony with Movember and The Dr. Bob that their involvement with the BoMo was an accident waiting to happen. They were MoBros before they even knew they were MoBros. It happened with me and in the case of Lightning Bolt USA, it was a happy accident that waited only a shade over 40 years for the company and the cause to cross paths. This journey through the archives of “pure source” illuminates the style and craftsmanship that have inspired multiple generations of wave-sliding MoBros.

But before we get going, special thanks are due to Leah, who hooked up the BoMo with a ton of awesome tees, sweats, boardshorts, and corduroys from the Bolt. And a tip of the hat to Drew, Porter, and the other hombres at the shop who had already started to grow a stache and now have a noble and philanthropic reason to keep it going.

Now feast your eyes on Rory Russell’s 3rd eyebrow, perched ever so carefully between his nose and upper lip.

Gerry Lopez, Rory Russell, …those other dudes (I’m sure I’ll take a healthy dose of shit for not immediately recognizing them)…it’s a veritable Hall of Fame festival of ‘stache. And I am so ready to surf in matching boardies with my MoBros. Read More

What impresses me about philanthropy are the lengths people will go – above and beyond their own obligations – to help support a cause. So it is not coincidence but rather poetic justice that the captain of Team Salty Stache, the undefeated champions of the 2011 Tom Selleck Comp Division 4-Man Coed Dr. Bob Movember Volleyball Tournament, should also be the unanimous decision for  tournament MVP.

MoBro, philanthropist, veteran, patriot, musician, athlete, a most splendido human being, and dearest friend for over two decades, Shaun Tucker is the man behind the man behind the stache. On every logistic and emotional level, the hombre had the BoMo’s back the whole way. DoMo arregato Tucker-san!

Tucker’s stewardship of Team Salty Stache not only guided the squad to a championship and raised awareness for Movember and the USC Norris Cancer Center, but also paid homage to another valiant cause that all of us should keep in mind when we read the news (and pay our taxes) – the support of US troops and their families. The careful grooming of his Ron Swanson stache and a set of khakis that can only be earned through blood, sweat, and tears aboard the USS John C. Stennis, both are a tip of the hat to the men and women who bust their cacahuates for el amor a la patria.

Of course, as super-human as he may sometimes appear, Tucker can’t do it all by himself. Every MoBro should be so lucky to have by his side a MoSista as stellar as Shaun’s wife (and captain of perennial BoMo favorite, Team DoucheBaguettes) Katy “Welcome to the Gun Show” Tucker. Because the couple that Mo’s together stays together. Below: The Salty Stache and his DoucheBaguette. Oh, and in case you were wondering, under those khakis, Tucker is wearing the same shorts as Alanna. And yes, they’re just as tight.

From dawn til dusk til dawn. The man simply does. not. stop. Tucker directing the Splendido All*Stars at the Arbor After-Party. Mystery stache provided by Charles Goodan.

One in a series profiling “Friends of the dr. Bob Movember open” (FoBoMo’s).

–Support those who support us–

If I didn’t already heart Arbor for all they did to support the 2011 BoMo, their collaboration with Sylvia Ji cements them as bona fide arbiters of awesome. Ji first hit my radar screen when in 2008 the LA Weekly used her hauntingly erotic “Dona Dolorosa” as the cover piece for their issue on the evolving nature of “underground” or “lowbrow” art.

The evocative blend of Edward Mucha’s art nouveau with the heroin(e)-chic aesthetic of a 90s Kate Moss campaign magnifies the already eerie yet powerful attraction of the calavera face paint. The superimposition of the image over a woodgrain canvas adds to the phantasmagorical sense that los supernatural are keeping tabs on us through the lens of the organic. As a testament to Arbor’s street credibility and support for the art community, Ji agreed to offer her design to Arbor’s OSO and BUG decks.

Pick your poison. Sylvia Ji skate decks from Arbor Collective:



Free BoMo tee for the best captions. Find words to describe the awesome-sauce that Robo is spilling on the beach and add them in the comment box below. Winner (as determined by the Dr. Bob Open Board of Directors) can choose between the official BoMo tee or the Splendido All*Stars “Herve” shirt.