Dr. Bob 2012

Raffle stuff! Local businesses from across Venice have been extremely generous by sharing with us the products of their blood, sweat, and tears so that The Dr. Bob Open can balance its awareness campaign for charities like Movember and The USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center with a little bit of fundraising for these benevolent institutions.

At the Dr. Bob After-Party at Arbor, we celebrate our local businesses by raffling off some of their goods. Support our community of sponsors and stay tuned to learn about the people behind the product.


Lightning Bolt (Venice) XL long sleeve tee; L tee; two M tees; 32 trunks; M boner in sweatpant shorts; 32 cords; hat; stickers; patches. …what else do you want???? Thanks LEAH & TOM!

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But who IS the Dr. Bob. This is a question that I take for granted but it makes sense that for many of you it remains unanswered. Robert “Bob” Benjamin Sloves was an obstetrician and gynecologist in the South Bay of Los Angeles for upwards of 40 years. Acknowledged as one of the leaders in his field and one of the Top 10 Ob/Gyn’s in Los Angeles, he committed his life to women’s health, women’s rights, and to bringing little chicas and little hombrecitos into this world.

He also had a pimp-ass moustache.

So for decades, the first thing that tens of thousands of neonates saw as they waved goodbye to their private heated pool and boogied down the chunnel of love from whence they were conceived were the gentle eyes of Dr. Bob and a warm smile framed by his unmistakable and iconic moustache. A fixture of the South Bay, Dr. Bob was a good and incredibly generous man…

…and he was my dad.

So to tip my hat to the old man, to let him know that we’re still thinking about him, and to support an organization committed to awareness, prevention and treatment of the maladies that claimed his life, I partnered with a group of warm-hearted and beautiful souls to put on this event in his honor. With the help of Brian Jones, Shaun Tucker, Ben Nicholson, and a charitable strikeforce of good people that I can only describe as the functional equivalent of a philanthropic Seal Team 6 (I would list there names but I am legally estopped due to considerations of national security), we created The Dr. Bob Open.

So I hope that brings you a little closer to the man behind the event and that you’ll join us on September 29th to toast Dr.  Bob and celebrate Movember’s commitment to changing the face of men’s health.

Here’s to you Pops!

Max Neal Sloves
Tournament Co-Director and Official SOB (son of Bob)

With little more than a week left before the 3rd Annual Dr. Bob Open, we unveil this year’s design for the annual BoMo tee. Known for its classy design and cozy feel, wearing the BoMo tee has been likened to wrapping yourself in a warm burrito of moustache love. Wear the BoMo across your chest and you’ll not only look good and feel good, you’ll honor Dr. Bob, celebrate Movember, and promote men’s health. That’s getting a helluva lot done just by putting on a shirt.

Like John Spade said, “Every superhero needs his theme music.” So the time has come for you to decide. VOTE! for the official 2012 theme song to The Dr. Bob Open. After all, it’s election season. Make your voice heard… or the communists win. Something DeBarge, Cameo, EWF, and John Spade would never let happen. Not in the 1980s and certainly not now.

1. DeBarge – Rhythm of the Night

2. Cameo – Word Up

3. Earth Wind & Fire – September

Click on the links above to review the arguments in favor of each contender. Then let fly on the poll below. Their fate is in your hands, dude. Their fate is in your hands. Bigotes y Abrazos, – The Dr. Bob Open

As you have probably realized by now, one of the two main objectives of The Dr. Bob Open is to get people informed and excited about the 2012 Movember campaign, a moustache growing phenomenon that’s right around the corner.

For those who are new to the Movember world, Movember is a global movement that asks men to grow a fresh moustache for the month of November to stimulate dialogue about men’s prostate cancer and other issues of men’s health. Did I just say November? Yes, November. But if Movember is in November, then why is The Dr. Bob Open in September? A good question dear friend, and an easy question to answer: with only 30 days in November, we want every day of moustache-growing madness to be filled to the upper lip with Mo-tastic Mo-ments. To help people hit the ground running on November 1st, we decided that mid to late September would be the perfect time to remind people about the campaign and get everyone excited to either grow or sponsor a Movember moustache.

Hence The Dr. Bob Open became a celebration of Movember …in September. And with that kind of lyric fortune, we couldn’t help but turn our eyes and ears to this year’s third contender for official theme song: the moustachio’d maestros of funk, pop, and soul – Earth Wind & Fire. Their music has been the anthem of many an admirable cause and has been known to inspire epidemic eruptions of sweaty dance fiesta that transcend the boundaries of both time and space. And if you look closely at their disco dashiki splendor, you’ll see that Maurice, Verdine, and the rest of the lads are also proud cultivators of world-class Mo; a facial grooming statement that they have proudly embraced since the 1970s and consistently upheld through the present day.

Movember in September. Party on.


Two weeks people.. TWO WEEKS! Here’s what you need to do:
1. Register
2. Show up
3. Be awesome
That simple. Register by PAYPAL-ing the $25 per person fee to a note with your T-shirt size, Team Name, Event(s) participating in: Selleck Volley / Burt Volley / Redford Bocce / Morning Expression Session / Just Hanging Out.
If you wanna play volley or bocce and don’t have a team, email me and we’ll figure it out. Because there’s always room for jello.

Don’t get us wrong, we love us some DeBarge. I mean, it’s difficult to argue with the beat. Especially when the beat is to the rhythm. And when the rhythm is of the night. But there may be a new sheriff in town. In ’86, veterans of the soul-pop funk scene Cameo made it known that they were still the game.

Cameo is our second of three challengers for the 2012 official theme song. If you’re a student of history, you’ll recall that in 1986, Cameo sent a Word Up to all the ladies around the world. Specifically, the pretty ones. Apparently Cameo had a weird thing to show them. The ladies were instructed to alert their siblings and their mamma too. Because when Cameo throws down, you gotta know just what to do. Of course, the brunt of their assault was directed against the sucker DJs, especially the one’s who think they’re fly. Because if you put on airs and act real cool, Cameo won’t hesitate to let you know that you’re acting like a fool. The message was simple and universal: If there’s music, we can use it… we need to dance!

Moreover, Cameo front man Larry Blackmon’s moustache is burly, his hi-top faded, and his codpiece flaming red. Yes, his codpiece.

Word Up.