When is it?
– Saturday October 4th, 2014

Where is it?
– Venice Beach.
– Daytime at 25th / 26th Avenue volleyball courts. Look for the Stars & Stripes.
– Nighttime at The Victorian. 2640 Main St, Santa Monica, CA 90405.

How much?
– Tourney entrants: recommended donation of $30 per person via the EventBrite page. If space is available, you can also pay in person by cash or check the day of.
– Party only: recommended $5 donation at the door.

What does $30 get me these days?
– All the daytime fun and refreshment
– Entry to the after-party
– Tournament T-shirt.

Can I buy tees, hats, and other BoMo swag even if I don’t play?
– As long as there is swag left over, we will sell it for charity.

Why so many activities?
– Because we’re so very sporty-spice.

Do I have to do EVERYTHING?
– Hell no! Pick and choose a la carte. Your registration fee entitles you to jump in wherever and whenever you want. Do it all or sleep all day and show up at the party.

Where does my money go?
– All proceeds benefit Movember and the USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Can I join the morning paddle-out even though I surf like a kook?
– Of course! You will be in good company. Speedos and single-fins are recommended but not mandatory.

Can I play volleyball even if I don’t have a team?
– Yes. We’ll place you on a squad.

Can I ditch the whole day and just show up for the music and fiesta?
– Yes. But entry is only guaranteed if you register and arrive before 10 pm. If you don’t register, you’ll have to wait in line and hold your breath with all the other schmoes.

Does a fake moustache count for the Sam Elliot moustache challenge?
– If you are pre-pubescent and/or do not have testicles, then yes. Some of our past winners have had faux lip-lawns… but they were also infants. Grown men must grow real mo’s. No matter how wheezy.

If I enter a team, do we need a theme?
– Technically no. But you’ll earn serious respect for a coordinated ensemble.

What is Movember?
– A charity committed to changing the face of men’s health. Come to The Dr. Bob Open and learn so much more. Or go to http://us.movember.com


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